Buchcover für The Carpet People

The Carpet People


From the beloved and bestselling Sir Terry Pratchett, creator of the Discworld fantasy series.

""In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet."" That’s the old story that every tiny citizen of the empire found in the Carpet knows. But now a new story is in the making. The story of Fray, sweeping a trail of destruction across the Carpet, of power-hungry villains wreaking havoc, and of two brothers on an adventure to end all adventures.

It's a story that will come to a terrible end—if someone doesn't do something about it. If everyone doesn't do something about it...

First published in 1971, this novel marked the debut of Sir Terry Pratchett, storyteller extraordinaire. Years later, Sir Terry revised his early work. This edition includes the updated text and the original short story that was the forerunner to The Carpet People.

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