Love Insurance

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Love Insurance was Earl Derr Biggers second successful novel, published 1914, and would be used more or less as the basis for many movies and plays. Given that this book is set in the era before the roaring 20s and in fact before World War I, this could easily be one of the first screwball comedies.

The basic plot of this book is built around the reputation the Lloyds of London insurance firm had for ensuring all manner of unlikely propositions. Even in recent years they were known for insuring actor's and actresses' legs, voices, and even plastic surgery. In this case a young impecunious titled Lord would sign a policy with Lloyds to ensure that his marriage to a young rich American would happen on time. One of the terms of this policy would be that his Lordship could take no action to scuttle the pending nuptials. To ensure the terms are honored the American office of Lloyd's posts one of their assistants to protect the insurer's interests. The lucky assistant chosen for this task is the young handsome fiercely loyal Minot. Our hero to be is, by the way single.

The wedding is set to take place in what was a then a barely emerging Florida tourist spot. And so our hero takes the takes the train to the remote wilds of Florida and in so doing meets and is fascinated by the young lovely Cynthia. Only after he is ensnared by her charms does he realize this is the woman whose wedding it is his job to guarantee. And so the mayhem begins.

Quite a number of films were adapted from this novel.

Earl Derr Biggers (1884-1933) was an American novelist and playwright. He is remembered primarily for his novels, especially those featuring the Chinese American detective Charlie Chan, from which popular films were made in the United States and China.




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