101 Facts you didn't know about Chas and Dave
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Are you a Chas & Dave fan? Do you know all the words to their memorable hit songs and enjoy singing along? Have you been to see the ‘rockney’ duo perform live or, like thousands of others, watched them on TV? If you like Chas & Dave, this book is your chance to get to know them better. Dip inside 101 Things You Didn’t Know About Chas & Dave to discover some little known facts and trivia associated with the creators of such boogie-woogie, sing-along classics as ‘Rabbit’, ‘Gertcha’ and ‘There Aint’ No Pleasin’ You’. Full of fascinating facts, and compiled by one half of the duo, Chas Hodges, this book includes many personal details and information about Chas & Dave’s projects, past and present. This book will appeal to everyone who enjoys the music-hall humour and folk-style entertainment associated with Chas & Dave and is a must-have read for all those people who would like to learn more about the musical duo.
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