101 Interesting Facts on The Eurovision Song Contest
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Are you a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you follow all the pre-show build-up and eagerly tune in to watch the contest on television when the big night arrives? Can you remember all the past winners, and losers, who have provided so many golden Eurovision moments? If so, you won’t want to be without 101 Interesting Facts on the Eurovision Song Contest. Find out when and where the very first Eurovision Song Contest was held, how many countries took part and what the contest was originally called. Gen up on which country has finished in first and last place the greatest number of times and all the famous artists who have participated in the contest through the years. This book is full of fascinating Eurovision trivia about the performers, compares and participating countries as well as all statistics about the contest, to delight even the most knowledgeable Eurovision fans. If you enjoy the annual singing spectacular that is the Eurovision Song Contest, this book is for you.
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