101 Interesting Facts on Union J
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Are you Union J fan? Have you followed their career from performing together for the first time as a band on The X Factor to the release of their first studio album? Would you like to know a bit more about George, Josh, JJ, and Jaymi? If so, 101 Interesting Facts on Union J will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the four band members. What is George’s favourite film, Josh’s shoe size, what type of food does Jaymi enjoy and what performer most inspires JJ? Find out the answers to these questions and more inside this new book all about pop sensation Union J. Full of information about your favourite boy band, including many personal details, this book covers the boys’ journey from four unknown artists, to forming the band, releasing an album and going on tour. Find out about life before and after The X Factor for the boys with 101 interesting facts all about Union J, a must-have book for the band’s many fans.
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