A Still Small Voice of Calm
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Kim and Ned are two very ordinary people but they are the most unlikely pair of friends that one could meet. Nevertheless there is a bond between them. She is Chinese, in her 20's and a qualified and practising lawyer. He is in his 50's and owner of a moderately successful business consultancy. Kim is strolling through Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester when she sees a young girl being assaulted and abducted. She uses her newly-acquired martial arts skills to rescue the girl. Realising the determination of the girl's pursuers and the danger facing both of them, Kim seeks ned's help. They are horrified to learn of the traumatic and sickening experiences of Ermeela, the girl, and decide to hide her from this ruthless gang. But they will stop at nothing, using blackmail, threats and sheer brute force to retrieve the girl. Their actions have catastrophic and fatal consequencies to everyone concerned.
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