A Tale of Two Sisters (Dark Fantasy Erotic Romance)
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Aewyn and Leila have been through the worst of the worst, from the beginning of the Horde's invasion to the stopping of the Lich King. Even as the Horde splinters apart, Lord Lazarus keeps the strongest faction under his command, and he's managed to take Leila away. The two sisters are separated and find very similar yet different fates await them.
Aewyn must try to convince the new leader of the Humans, Tyril Unther, to help in finding her sister. Leila, on the other hand, must try to take on Lord Lazarus and the Horde, who will stop at nothing to break her. They need to break the spell over the Lich King, and they believe Leila holds the secret to doing so.
Will the two sisters be able to reunite or are their troubles only just beginning?
It is not required, but recommended to read the The Fall of the Elves (Books 1 - 6) and Shattering of the Horde (Books 7 - 12) bundles before reading A Tale of Two Sisters.
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