Audience Research
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One big mistake rookie marketers make is trying to market to everyone and anyone. I get the logic, you think that by targeting everyone you'll make more sales.

But in fact, the opposite is true. As by trying to cater to everyone you end up appealing to no one specific person.

And here's the thing: People don't want generic, tailored to all, marketing, especially online. Every single one of us thinks we're a special little snowflake that has individual needs and unique problems.

We don't want to think our problems are shared by the masses and can be solved by common solutions. We believe we need a unique solution.

So this book, ”Audience Research” teaches you step by step EXACTLY how to find your target audience. It also teach you how to speak directly to your audience via your content and marketing.

Most importantly, this book teaches you how to stay motivated, stay focused, and take action daily so that you will achieve even your wildest dreams!
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