Be My Valentine - XOXO
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This tantalizing collection combines the red-hot stories from both Be My Valentine and XOXO. With a total of twelve sexy shorts from well-known erotic authors, these stories will certainly spice up your day! Valentine’s Day Secret - Scarlett Knight Dawn can't sleep Valentine's Day night, so she calls up friend and co-worker Michael to meet her for a workout at the gym. What she thinks is a harmless, platonic meet-up quickly turns into a heated union where sexy secrets are revealed and hidden lust between them comes to light. So Oft Beguiled - Nicole Gestalt Feeling left behind by the world Cupid gets dragged into the 21st Century and introduced to the world of online dating. Butter Fingers - Lucy Felthouse Louise is busy in the kitchen, mixing up some butter cream ready to make a sponge. She’s so engrossed in her task that when her husband, Simon, arrives home, she doesn’t hear him come in. Startling her produces some fun results, which quickly morph into sexy fun that mean the couple will never look at cake mix in the same way again. Be My Valentine - White Knightro A spicy yet romantic tale about a man loving his wife and putting her pleasures first. Save It For The Third Date - Penny Goodweather When Jennifer’s date for Valentine’s day fails to show up at the restaurant, she consoles herself by having a few drinks at a nearby bar. She wants sex just as much as anyone, but has a ‘third date’ rule which she has always stuck to. Tonight however, Jennifer hasn’t even had a first date… until the barman catches her eye… Porn Interrupted - Victoria Blisse Pete's Valentine's night of surfing for porn is interrupted by an unexpectedly sexy phone call. My Soho Valentine - Laura Alvarez An expensive-looking ivory box arrives at Serena’s desk, inviting her to take the risk and join a mystery man on a 24-hour Valentine's date in Soho… a date so luxurious and kinky she is unlikely to ever forget it. Girls’ Day Out - Lucy Felthouse Best friends Adriana and Sarah are not happy. Their husbands, Joey and Brent, are away at an overnight conference on Valentine's Day, and have packed their wives off to a spa for the day to make up for it. The girls would have preferred to spend the day with their husbands, but are determined to make the most of the unexpected treat. But it soon becomes apparent that things aren't quite what they seem. Thank You, Mr. Dean - Olivia London A woman made cynical by a boyfriend who once jilted her on Valentine's Day learns to love and trust again by submitting to an alpha male. Valentine - Vanessa de Sade Valentine runs away to join the circus but finds a fulfilment she didn't expect…. Just like a Movie - Sallyanne Rogers The repairman ends up stranded in a client's flat after the road floods. Together they come up with a fun and interesting way to pass the time. The Spoon - Rigel Madsong A chance meeting, lunch and the magic of a spoon lead the way to romance
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