This book is unique, informative, and approachable – and addresses a problem faced by one in ten (176 million) women worldwide.

Dr Iris Orbuch. is a surgeon and Amy Stein,a physical therapist, the founder of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy. Together they have produced a guide for women about how to deal with their endometriosis in order to:
1) Avoid surgery (if at all possible),
2) What to do before surgery (should they absolutely need it); and how
3) To live and what to do post-surgery – so that the women afflicted by this disease, can reclaim their lives.

Dr. Orbuch and Amy Stein have called upon those they call the endometriosis “warriors” – specialists in a range of practices with whom they routinely share knowledge and insights into what works for the women they care for.

With the recent new guidelines issued by NICE in the UK this book is destined to become the go-to reference for the thousands of women struggling with this debilitating condition.

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