Big Black Blind Date (First Person POV Interracial Cuckold Erotica)
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Susan and Mike are a happily married couple but want to reinvigorate their relationship. For Mike's birthday, Susan promises to fulfill any fantasy he has. Mike has secretly been watching several amateur interracial videos and has a fantasy he definitely wants filled. He wants to watch Susan with a stranger while she is blindfolded. The blindfold isn't to just spice up the experience, it's to also hide the fact that the stranger he has in mind is a big black man. He knows that Susan would most likely have reservations, considering she's originally from the deep South.
When Mike let's Susan know of his fantasy, Susan is surprised. It's not what she was expecting in the least. But a promise is a promise and she agrees to wear the blindfold and do his bidding. Mike, already having found a big black beast of a man, excitedly looks forward to his first cuckold experience... But can Susan truly handle a big black man that's easily double, if not triple the size of Mike?
Find out in Jenna Powers' first ever first person point of view interracial erotca piece, Big Black Blind Date today!
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