Big Black Seduction (Interracial Anal Erotica)
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Stephanie returns home to meet her new stepdad. Her mother has seemingly gotten over her racist behaviors after her divorce, though her new husband is still white. However, Stephanie is surprised to see how friendly she is with the new neighbor, a large hulking black man named Leroy, and his tiny petite white wife Cassa.
After she goes out with her friend, she returns home to find no one home. She's locked out and hears a strange noise coming from Leroy's house. When she peeks her head in to see the source, she's stunned to see the two going at it like rabbits. What's more amazing is the sheer size of Leroy's manhood.
She hurriedly tries to get back home but Leroy and Tina see her on their driveway. Stephanie isn't sure if they caught her peeking but they invite her in when they learn she's been locked out. Cassa has errands to run but has Leroy watch over Stephanie. Stephanie is unable to think about anything other than Leroy's monstrous rod. She decides to do something about it but does she manage to seduce the big black man?
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