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Bloodlust: Bridget enjoys seducing innocent young girls to the joys of lesbian sex. There's just one problem with this - she also likes killing them. Bridget is a vampire and her passion for sex is only matched by her bloodlust. Lucy Wilson is an innocent and sweet young girl in her first year of university. Lucy has never even had a boyfriend, let alone sexual experiences, but Bridget is planning to change all that. Bridget wants Lucy to be her next conquest - and her next victim. This time however Bridget may be trying to bite off more than she can chew. Lucy's best friend Evan is determined to protect her at all costs, and the boyfriend of one of her previous victims is out for her blood. If that wasn't enough, Lucy herself might just prove to be Bridget's undoing... in more ways than one. Bottle It: Nikki Williamson is an ordinary young woman who works for an extraordinary company - Erect Matters, a scientific research firm dedicated to erotic studies. Nikki has a problem with her love life - namely that she doesn’t have one and that she seems more suited to alienating men than attracting them. Nikki’s problem is one her boss, the beautiful scientist Dr. Fae Dubois, believes she can solve with a new potion created by the company, one which will make her irresistible to those she desires the most. Reluctantly, Nikki agrees to test out the potion - only to find it is both an abject failure and a raging success. Because while it has no affect whatsoever on men, Nikki suddenly finds herself the unwitting lust object for every woman she meets. Will the potion’s effects last forever? Will Nikki be able to cope with the onslaught of female affection? And just how much of a failure is the potion anyway, really?
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