Bomb God
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This is the sixth book in the modern thriller series featuring Albie Cork, former soldier and single leg amputee and now London counter-terrorist officer. A mentally unstable young chemical genius called Jefferson Morgan invents a new explosive that is 10/7 times more powerful than C4, the military Semtex. He names it Morganite. Three years ago Morgan was incarcerated in the high security mental institution of Broadmoor for removing the O2 building from the London skyline. He almost succeeded in doing the same to the Palace of Westminster. Through an unscrupulous mental health consultant, Morgan reveals the secret Morganite formula into the eager hands of an Argentine spymaster and Falkland’s revengenik . Soon after a British oilrig with 48 workers on board disappears in the rough seas of the Falkland Basin. Satellite tracking reveals how it was done. Under the guise of being a groom for a visiting Polo team Cork arrives in Buenos Aires. In return the Argentine sends an attractive woman to London and arms her with enough Morganite to destroy the entire West End. As Albie is forced to forgo the sexual companionship of an Earl’s beautiful daughter because of the danger it would expose her to, a desperate chase around London takes place. And as always with Albie, people will die. The question is who and how many?
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