Breathless more. A compelling case study
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This story describes my struggle with severe obstructive sleep apnoea and my success in controlling this debilitating condition. My book begins by discussing what sleep apnoea is and why it is a problem for both the individual and for society. For many decades I was unaware of my condition. I recount those incidents where sleep apnoea regularly impacted my mental and physical health.
Many people are unaware of the poor quality of their sleep. In fact, when an apnoea finishes it is accompanied by a gasping inhale which drags the sleeper to near consciousness though they often remains asleep. This explains why it often takes a long time for sleepers to accept that they have an issue which needs to be investigated.
My initial denial of my condition leads to treatment by conventional means before learning of a scientifically based method of breathing. The listener is taken down a path of anticipation, hope, despair, resolution and then new hope and symptom resolution. .
My story discusses some of the physiological aspects of our respiratory system and the science-based method which enabled me to significantly control the effects of sleep apnoea.
The listener will gain a clear insight into the missing pieces from the jigsaw which completed the picture of my respiratory health.
The listener will also gain access to pdf. copies of my sleep studies and ”before and after" photographs taken over a nine month period.
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