Brooklyn Nights
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Brooke is a beat cop in New Jersey. She's from a family of cops, starting with her grandfather and she's damn proud of it. When the New York Police Department suffers a horrible cybersecurity breach that reveals all their undercover agents, the Captain of Brooke's precinct asks her if she wants to help.
She is a bit hesitant at first, having never gone undercover, but Captain Bolt reassures her that she has the skills to succeed. When she agrees, Captain Bolt informs her that they are running on very limited information. Per the NYPD the breach was from hackers, hired by a mysterious gang that has slowly engulfed Brooklyn. The NYPD don't even have a main suspect, or even a name on the gang.
This is a trial by fire, as Brooke goes up to unfamiliar territory, with no resources and her history wiped from the New Jersey police systems. Only a select few will know of and assist with Brooke's undercover operation. Can Brooke handle the heat or will she be burned as she spends her Brooklyn nights undercover?
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