Like the metamorphosis of the butterfly, the spirit too has to grow by obtaining knowledge. Some say we change our personal characteristics by the path that we have chosen in life. The personality of a young man has been determined through social interaction, while he has been unwittingly embarking upon a journey seeking for something he already has. This life journey takes him to see many cultures in order for him to understand and experience the real extremities of life. He forms relationships, and through these relationships he discovers the diversity of human thought, and so, with this, personality change. This short story, Butterflies, therefore seeks to question the boundaries of social thought alongside our own individual determination. True we all have our own individual personalities, and look and search for things that are arguably beneficial toward our own ends, but are there other forces at work? This short story enables the reader to follow this journey, and see him question his own individual ethic regarding the knowledge he is now acquiring, through the help of quotations from acclaimed writers.
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