Can't Let Go
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Larkin and Graham Hadley come from completely different worlds. She’s from the trailer park; he’s from the yacht club. Inexplicably, they fall in love. Suddenly, she has the kind of life she never even dared to dream of. Yet, even as the wife of a man from a prominent Charleston family, Larkin is still an outsider. After all, in Charleston, South Carolina, bloodline is everything. Larkin feels like she will never be accepted by the old-money snobs that Graham’s family pals around with. And she's right. But then, one morning, she meets Caroline Beaufain, the Queen Bee of Charleston’s high society. Surprisingly, Caroline takes a liking to Larkin. With Caroline's stamp of social approval, Larkin feels like she’s finally somebody. Despite her past, Larkin has joined the secret world of the one percent. But she soon discovers that Caroline Beaufain's friendship comes with a high price—one she isn't so sure she's capable of paying…especially once someone ends up dead.
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