Captivating Stories of Intrigue - Comedy and Adventure
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A collection of fourteen stories: The Reunion A former navy man gets invited to a grand reunion get-together with a few of his former comrades. Esmeralda the duck A somewhat eccentric character believes that his deceased girlfriend has been reincarnated in the form of a duck and insists he has the divine gift of communicating with her in a form of highly sensitive duck dialect. Strange Encounters of the Third Kind A true story that is set in the backwaters of New Mexico. A Highway Patrol Officer gives a true account of the time when he came face to face with extraterrestrial beings called the Greys. Saved By Doctor Death A man on the dole cracks up under the strain of being unemployed. He therefore lands up at the funny farm with hilarious implications. The Lime Coloured Suit A former world heavyweight boxing champion falls on hard times and is reduced to the life of a hobo and misfit. Harry the ‘Hamster’ Hillier An RAF Officer decides to take his pet hamster on board his aircraft with the strong belief that the tiny fellow had the means of locating a Russian submarines position. The Amazing Adventures of Freddie Frobisher When an MI6 agent disappears into thin air the top brass decide to embark on a dangerous and hair-raising chase to track him down. Hello Boyo A true and sad story of a Welshman called Taffy who falls hard times. The Mystery of the Vanishing Inn A ghostly story that is set in France and is based on the mysterious disappearance of a fifteenth century coaching inn. The Highland Fling Two friends go in search of the Loch Ness monster but got more than they bargained for. Good Morning Vicar After spending most of his life in prison - Cyril is adamant about going straight. So straight in fact he becomes a vicar. The Lost Treasure of the Nazis Gold What really happened when a party of potential prospectors go in search to find the long lost treasure of the Nazis Gold? Schizophrenia in F Sharp Minor A famous conductor of classical music suffers a complete mental breakdown and is admitted to an upstate sanatorium. Escape from the West The story is set in the cold war era and features a radio officer called John Jackson. After repeatedly being put on charges called ‘fizzers’ he becomes totally disillusioned with life in the RAF. He therefore decides to defect over to the other side.
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