Competitor Research Analysis
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My book teaches you step by step how to carry out competitor research analysis in your Niche. The process is quick and simple. You're about to learn how to get extensive list of your competitors, that is the authorities in your niche, people you will want to network with, traffic sources you can use, content you can emulate, etc.

In this book, I explain clearly 4 simple ways you can find popular websites in your niche. Even though these websites are essentially your competition, you wouldn't treat them like traditional competition. Instead, focus on networking with them, getting to know them, helping them where possible so you can get mutual benefit from knowing them.

Your competitors can be a great source of traffic, inspiration, advice, and perfect for reverse engineering and seeing what they do well so you can emulate. These and so much more you are about to learn in my book.

So what are you waiting for? Order my book right now to learn how to reach out to each of your competitors with the 3 simple things suggested in the book.
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