Covert Investigations 2: Inside Job (Interracial Erotica)
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Ellen, a former cop in training was tapped by Detroit's most fiercest group of police to take down a powerful drug dealer. Unfortunately for her, she was tapped to be an informant. She was sent to an integrated prison to get close to the group dealing drugs. Now she has to try to get in the good graces of a group of black men, not only to become a member of the group but for protection as well. To gain the leader's trust, she's been told she has to pass on a lesson to a big, muscular black man in a prison full of black men. Will she be able to handle the immense amount of black men in her prison while at the same time getting her job done to get in the good graces of Rick's big black crew?
Warning! This 10,550 word erotica story contains explicit scenes of interracial MMMM/F action, and includes deep penetration, double penetration and triple penetration. Ellen has really got to use her entire body to not only take out one black man but a group of his black prison inmates to get her inside job done!
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