Creative Curriculum KS1
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Creative Curriculum, teaching across the curriculum using a story, is a flexible series of resources aimed at encouraging a more creative and cross-curricular approach to teaching. By putting a story at the centre of learning a stimulus is provided to a range of learning opportunities, thus increasing children's understanding and adding fun and enjoyment to the lesson. Teachers are provided with practical ways to incorporate the story in a range of cross-curricular activities. How High is the Sky? in the Creative Curriculum series is aimed at KS1 children and contains a rhyming story about a caterpillar's quest to find an answer to his question. It is a story about self-confidence, change, growth and achievement. The book contains: * Fully illustrated story * Units covering Literacy, Numeracy, Science, PSHE, Art and Design and Music, Dance and Drama * Worksheets * Planning Sheets * A set of illustrations without text for the children to tell the story in their own words
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