Cyborg Girls
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2111, Armageddon, Zombie Apocalypse Earth (Without the Zombies). Polar ice capped have melted, atmosphere has imploded, great floods, storms, the Earths great cities have been saved by great dykes surrounding them. 2070, Ridnium has been discovered, 5 times more powerful than plutonium. The Americans and British rule the world. Massive bubbles from multiple hundreds of satellites are beaming down protective bubbles over one-percent of the elite human’s world called THE BUBBLE WORLDS. Nothing has changed for the rich and elite. The rest of the world lives in sub human violent and drug riddled almost lawless ultra sociopathic worlds called THE ZONES. They are governed by heroic Cyborg, 6ft 2, Platinum clad females and human cops, called OZONE RANGERS. They are the last stand cops defending the THE BUBBLES from the ruthless and drug crazed Mad Max world of THE ZONES. In deep space, 4 years out British Moon is discovered. It is Earth a billion’s years ago. The British Populate it as well as run the great Space ship orbiting it, monitoring and beaming THE BUBBLES back to Earth. This is a love story between a stunning Cyborg female Ozone Ranger Adray Venus and the dying rugged cop she loves Krull as she a half machine/female fights to save the man she loves, and at the same time on Earth and in deep space she, Krull and a computer AI named Jane begin to take down the ruthless and corrupt American and British Empires. It is a love story of courage and love between Krull, Adray Venus and an AI SUPER in deep space. It is an epitaph that in the end proves that a Cyborg female, a man and an AI computer held more humanity, compassion and finally love in their souls then anything before them.
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