Desire Across the Seas
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Days have passed since Theresa first saw what a black man could do. She's been trying to get close to her friend Alana, but is unsuccessful in reaching her on the ship. As her cravings of pleasure build, she finally manages to get a hold of her more experienced friend. Alana accidentally let's it slip that Theresa's husband, Adam, the very Captain of the Desire has been partaking in the pleasures of the ship's cargo.
Theresa doesn't believe her and asks Alana for proof. Alana initially hesitates but eventually gives in, leading her down in the middle of the night to see Adam in the act. Alana holds Theresa back and tells her not to retaliate but get revenge in a different manner, a more pleasurable manner. Theresa learns that Alana was in the same position years ago.
Alana offers to teach Theresa to take on the powerful Africans aboard the ship like her. Theresa isn't sure at first but her cravings and her thirst for revenge are too much to bear. As the Desire journeys across the seas, Alana teaches Theresa how to quell her desires with the power of the black men within the ship. Alana and Theresa creep down to the deep, dark, underbelly of the ship where they experience pleasures that only three big, black, powerful Africans can provide...
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