Desire Upon the Lands
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The Desire makes a stop at Kingston, a port on the island of Jamaica, to resupply and trade cargo. Alana entices Theresa to visit the beautiful island and not only enjoy the lands, but also discover the pleasures that lie hidden within. Theresa agrees to join her and discover the pleasures that Alana speaks of.
Alana easily convinces Captain Adam and her husband, Shawn, to let the two off the boat with Chris and Clark. Once off the Desire, the two work their way through the markets to experience the Spanish owned island's way of life. As Theresa lays on the beach after a good meal, Alana leaves to speak with someone.
When Alana returns, she takes Theresa to a quiet house in the middle of the island while exciting her with the pleasures that hide within. When Alana, Theresa, Chris and Clark walk through the doors, they are immediately immersed in the strange yet pleasurable scents within. The owner of the house, an old friend of Alana's, has the two brutes taken away to experience the pleasure of Spanish women while taking Alana and Theresa to a dark room of their own.
Once the two women are within the doors of the dark room, they find themselves surrounded by at least a dozen big black men. As the room is slowly lightened with candles, the two are taken on a journey of pleasure. Theresa's first ever experience with multiple black men takes her to new levels of intense pleasure. As her desire upon the lands grows, so too does her cravings for more big black men in the room...
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