Theresa is the wife of Captain Adam Phillips, who commands the first ever American built slaveship, the Desire. She decides to accompany her husband for the first time on his journey across the seas to trade the natives for Africans. The first mate's wife, Alana, runs into her and helps her grow accustomed to ship life. They grow close as the Desire makes its way to Africa.
Theresa enjoys Alana's brash, outgoing and honest personality and begins to learn that being prim and proper is not the only way to live life as the wife of a Captain. When they arrive in Africa, Theresa accidentally glances over to see naked Africans board the Desire. She is stunned by their bodies and their... generous proportions.
Alana, unlike Theresa, has been on many journies to Africa with her husband and she has a little secret. She knows the pleasures that the muscular black males can provide! After the slaves are loaded on the Desire, the ship docks in a private area for a short rest before the long journey back home. Alana manages to get Theresa off the boat and onto the beaches to show her the true power of the ebony beasts that they are shipping back home.
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