Everything that can be bought has no value. It is in the experience that you can find the true treasure.
I wrote this book imagining in you that you read me, me: like a wanderer. A wanderer who seeks, he realizes, discovers. This wanderer begins to stop blaming others, God, politics, karma, takes over his life and decides and works to be free.
I wrote this book for free minds. Those who, when something happens, delimit their area, as a forensics detective would: they look at every detail to understand well who, where, how, when and why.
To narrow the field, avoid mistakes, optimize resources and time.
Time. I wrote this book because while it is true that time does not exist, it is also true that it is our greatest ally in understanding the experience called life, in the understanding of the system called Existence, of how energies move.
I wrote this book to lift the veil from the appearance, starting to call things by their real name.

Dear Wanderer, do you think the money is the one that governs the world? You think that's why everyone, in a kind of collective traffic syndrome, we are going from morning to night. Is it to get more money? Are you really convinced that it is the monetary aspect that makes gestures, sometimes even terrible, to this world?

I wrote this book just to make You, my dear Wanderer, realize that no, it is not money that represents the motivation of the motivations that drive humans to do what they do. Without too many turns of words, I'll make it short: everything, but just everything, revolves around only one word: ENERGY.
People want more money to buy more things, to be more envied, to attract the energy of those who will watch them.
More people want more power, more money, to accumulate more observers who provide them with energy currents. More energy they build up, more powerful they will feel, more they will be able to extort them, more they will want much more.
Energy-hungry as water that never quenches thirst, in fact, makes you thirsty and then thirstier.
I wrote this book to explain how this process of energy depletion, milking, big energy hunting works.

In this manual you will learn how our bodies of light work, the underlying laws that move the procuring system, how to recognize energy hunters from the simplest, to the most cunning vampires of the situation.
You will learn to recalibrate your energy, protect yourself and those you love, become aware of your bodies of light and, finally, how to avoid becoming You an unconscious vampire, moved by the stressful system that we often force ourselves to support.
Life energy is what keeps us alive. Without it, no one could not only live, not even die, since even to leave the physical body requires energy. Unconsciously, each of us fears losing it, of not having enough.
In literature, we have many examples of fears of this kind, masquerading as popular legends, the blood-sucking vampire who lives parasitic and manipulating minds until his victim drains are an interesting key.

In fact, blood represents the vital energy of the person. The vampire, for that matter, feeds on just that. The subtle manipulation games to push the unfortunate to get easy bite are systems that we know well, real, daily.
The predators of vital energy are, in all respects, of the vampires without sharp teeth, perhaps uncooled with powers of transmutation into horrid animals, deprived of the opportunity of flying, but to all intents and purposes vampires, energy vampires cleared to the world of the imaginative and delivered to the most modern stories of every day.
However, the situation is much more complex than it seems, because it is not enough to block the doors of their homes to be protected. No one can really be safe. Warning: the predator concerned is not powerful enough to smash walls or decode sophisticated alarm systems or possess super powers that allow it to permeate the door of your dwelling. Quite the contrary!

Dear Wanderer, you might be surprised when you realize that many vampires know them very well! Some even have the keys to our house. Others we call them ”Mum" and "Dad". Some of them commonly call their names: they can be children, friends, people close to us. So close that even us!
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