Flower of Scotland
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Set amidst the turmoil of the First World War, Flower of Scotland is an epic story of a young Scottish soldier, James MacLeod, who is drawn into the Great War along with his best friend, Kenneth Kinross. While training in Salisbury, Kenneth is reunited with his younger sister, Kate, who is serving as a volunteer in one of the V.A.D. hospitals. Ken and Kate were orphaned five years earlier, and circumstances forced them to live apart. James and Kate, who feel as though they already know one another through Ken’s letters, fall in love and marry before James is sent off to the fighting. The story chronicles the trials and tribulations of a wartime romance, with both Kate and James serving in their own capacities in the most dreadful and dangerous places in the war arena: Ypres. Both are changed by the war, neither one of them unscathed by their experience with the horrors of war and the tragedy of loss.
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