Ghana Make Me Wild
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Alice is a happily married housewife, who's husband has been traveling for work for quite some time. He invites her over to visit him in Africa, specifically Ghana. She's more than happy to visit and, to prepare, she's even been trying some new things to spice up their nights together. When she arrives in Ghana, she's surprised by the lack of... everything. Her husband luckily has sent her a limo to pick her up. Once she arrives at the hotel he's staying at, she rushes off, ignoring the driver's request to wait to hear back from her husband.
She quietly makes her way into her husband's room to try and surprise him, but is stunned as she sees her husband with a black woman. Alice quickly leaves, making sure to not get her husband's attention. After rushing back to the limo driver, she asks him to take her to a tour from a brochure she saw at the airport. He's a bit taken aback but does so.
When they arrive at the village, Alice leaves her limo driver and enters the African village. There are several big black tribesman, wearing nothing but loincloths and her eyes catch what's underneath. She informs her driver that she's going to be a while and then turns her attention to three of the tribesmen, looking for a bit of revenge. But does she have what it takes? And will the moves she saved for her husband help her with the three powerful tribesmen?
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