Her Big Black Boss Bundle (Interracial Erotica Bundle)
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Lisa is a woman on a mission, to find the perfect job. Coming from a tiny company, she comes to realize that the skillsets needed at a large corporate business are much, much more different. Even her interview with the big black boss ends up being a... mouthful. As she progresses, she learns new ways to earn money on the side. This hot bundle brings together Her Big Black Boss 1, 2 & 3 into one!
Her Big Black Boss: The Interview
Lisa's been working as an executive assistant for a small time firm. After her old boss leaves and she's left with a horrible new boss, she decides to interview at a big city job. Her nervousness nearly ruins her interview until her big black interviewer, Mr. Brown, asks her to strip. He's looking for someone who's willing to do anything. Is Lisa willing to do anything for her big black boss?
Warning! This 5,380 word erotic story contains explicit sexual content between a big black boss and his new possible subservient white executive assistant. See how far Lisa is willing to go to get a job in the big city.
Her Big Black Boss 2: The Negotiation
Lisa slowly adjusts to her new job under Mr. Brown when she hears that the external partners are planning to raise their prices. Mr. Brown needs Lisa's help to negotiate a cheaper deal with the partners or else the CFO will come bearing down on him. Lisa agrees for a cut and learns that she has to please three big black men for the negotiation. Will her first assignment in negotiation succeed?
Warning! This 6,770 word erotic story contains explicit sexual content between three big black men and a subservient white executive assistant. See how Lisa works her magic to succeed in her first assignment...
Her Big Black Boss 3: The Warehouse Orgy
Lisa returns for an even bolder, bigger and blacker assignment this time! She's tired of waiting for Mr. Brown to give her a new assignment when her coworker, Ally, tells her about an opportunity. The warehouse union workers are about to strike and the building manager wants help. Ally decides to invite Lisa in on the negotiation, but with ten big black overworked men, who knows what can happen?
Warning! This 6,440 word erotic story contains explicit sexual content between several big black men and two subservient white executive assistants. See how Lisa and Ally make their way through an extremely crazy warehouse orgy!
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