Her Husband's Fantasy (Interracial Cuckold Erotic Romance)
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Leah's a happily married housewife, living a rather mundane life. A normal eight to five day job, a husband who loves her and unfortunately does show signs of aging, and everything she feels she needs to be happy. Her husband surprises her at work one day when an old college friend, Tony comes to visit.
Tony's a big black ebony statue of a man, a former sports star in college and still in great shape. He's now a successful coach and sports agent, and he takes Frank and Leah out to dinner. When the trio return back to Leah's home, they're all a little bit tipsy.
Her husband brings up a fantasy he asked Leah to fulfill years ago. He's always wanted to be cucked. Leah's unsure of why Frank's bringing it up, but he let's her know that he trusts Tony and he wants Tony and Leah to fulfill that fantasy. She's surprised, but doesn't see what the big deal is and decides to fulfill his fantasy. But as she pulls down Tony's pants, she begins to wonder if she's taken on a challenge she can't meet...
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