Her Journey into Submission
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Two sexy short bondage stories from veteran BDSM afficionado Brenton Darke, both of which are sure to slap or tickle your fancy! Her First Time: She has gone from the shy internet profile girl to a woman actively seeking to join the lifestyle. They have chatted about what kinds of BDSM activities she wants to explore, and what kinds of activities He enjoys. They know each other well, and they are ready to take their relationship to the next level, to make it real. She's still nervous, but if she doesn't take the next step, then everything they've talked about will have been all for nothing. She is ready for her first BDSM experience. Taken to School: Ever since her first submission, she has gone through a thrilling transformation with the help of her Dom. They have played quite a bit, and the series of beatings, mind fucks, tortures and torments He has put her through have been as satisfying sexually as they have been difficult to bear. But now He has given her new orders, throwing her off balance. She is to transform herself into the worst kind of schoolgirl slut, dressing as a schoolgirl slut would, acting out and misbehaving in the worst manner possible. She is used to heavy protocol play, submitting completely to Him, and letting Him guide the scene. How will she ever be able to take on the role of the slutty schoolgirl and fulfill his desire by acting like a schoolgirl brat?
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