Make it a YES! With so much competition, JUMP INTO AUDITION is the must-have guide for your audition. You only get one chance to make a FIRST IMPRESSION so let it count! FULFILL your POTENTIAL! Learn the art of preparing for auditions, tips on appropriate dress and etiquette and how to CONQUER your nerves. This book uncovers the true procedures and expectations behind auditions, so you will know exactly what to expect before you set foot on the stage. Quite simply, if you want to SUCCEED, make sure you don’t attend another audition before reading this book. Including tips from choreographers, theatrical producers, singing coaches and seasoned audition professionals, JUMP INTO AUDITION will ensure you enter your audition fully prepared and ready to give the performance of your life. With sections dedicated to musicals, theatre, talent shows, dance companies and TV/film, specific advice is given for your individual type of audition, covering aspects of movement, microphone handling, supporting musical accompaniment, translation, choice of song and cold reading. There are also specific tips on breathing exercises and vocal warm-up techniques, designed to strengthen your voice and ensure a powerful delivery which will impress the judges.
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