If you have thought about trying to meditate, or you have tried and given up because it doesn’t seem to work, then this is the book for you. I’ll let you into a secret. Anyone can learn to meditate. It really is simple. You only need to read the first chapter once, and then listen to the track embedded in the text and off you go. It’s as easy as that! My meditation tracks and book show you the way to gradually clear your mind of stress and negativity, past, present and future. You will soon start to notice that you feel more positive, more at ease within, and more accepting of yourself and others. More often, you will find that other people around you will comment on a positive change in you. This book is secular, and has no connection with any other mediation group or religion. Each meditation track takes you straight to the meditation technique and the book provides the answers to any queries that may arise. The first four parts of the book are a straightforward meditation manual, and the final part describes my own meditation experiences in more depth. I am giving you a skill for life. Once you have learned my technique it will always be there for you. I offer you the benefit of my twenty-five years experience of daily meditation, and wish that I had been given such simple guidance as this when I first started. There is only one difficult thing about meditation and that is getting round to doing it. So just turn up and meditate!
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