Lure of the Killer Heels
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Anoushka wants to be the kinkiest dominatrix there ever was. What could be more irresistible than a curvy vamp who wishes to make up for the wasted years and have all her BDSM dreams come true now that her husband has gone? Raven-haired, luscious, and with a wardrobe full of the most fabulous fetish-wear imaginable, there is nothing she won’t do, with men or women alike, to feed her pervy cravings. She is one hell of a woman and she comes with only one downside: she made herself a widow and her need to sate her hunger for unnatural lust has only just begun. Into her deadly web they all must go: super-arrogant Samson and super-rich Lionel, drawn by the allure of her sexy stilettos; Madam Destiny, the high-class whore she hires to teach her all the dirty tricks; Castor and Pollux, the pop stars who take their conquests to bed together. Not even the most slavish husband can resist her pull. Only Stark, the detective investigating the wave of deaths and disappearances in the area, will not capitulate. He wants her, that’s for sure, so why does he resist? As the attraction grows and she starts to fall, her instinct to dominate is clouded by her needs. She knows that only the submissive can make lovers that will stay forever, so she cannot give in to him. Still she holds out, sure she can defeat him and make him the one would never even think to betray her. But there is more steel to him, more darkness, than even she dared to hope..
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