The average parent has approximately 950 weeks with a child before he leaves home. If they have a seven-year-old, they have 400 weekends left. How can families maximize this dwindling time? They can’t eliminate the distractions of modern life. They can’t give their kids a pill to keep them two forever. In fact, no amount of praying or repenting will give them the meaningful family they desire. What’s the solution? Create regular traditions that bring joy, significance, and memories to family life. 

Popular blogger and mom of three, Jessica Smartt explains why memory-making is the puzzle piece that today’s families are longing for. She highlights ten tradition-gifts kids need most and offers practical encouragement to modern parents to keep on adventuring—even when they are fighting distractions, are budget-pressed, and exhausted.

A rich resource of two hundred-plus unique traditions and beloved family recipes available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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