Payback Massage (Interracial Husband Emasculation Erotica)
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Jenny lives a rather boring life as a housewife of a successful partner of a large Big 4 accounting firm. She has her own little personal massage business to make some income off her neighborhood. When there passion seems to cool down, she notices a message pop up on her husband's phone. It's a strange message thanking him for a good time, and she tries to unlock his passcode. When she does, she finds out that he's been cheating on her with, unsurprisingly, his black secretary.
She fumes with anger but holds it in, trying to devise a plan to pay her husband back. While jogging, she runs into Jamal, a big black football star and a plan starts to form in her devious head. She asks him to come to her place for the massage he had scheduled later in the afternoon. When he comes in for his massage, Jenny begins her mischevious little payback for her husband. If he can have a taste of chocolate, there's no reason she can't...
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