Red Serpent: The Elemental King (Unabridged)
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The bloodthirsty General returns to unite with his Earthly forces, ready to strike... Humanity must choose its allegiances as it stands at the brink of chaos... Rebellious leaders lurk in the shadows and threaten their survival... The Falsifier realizes the hidden truths and takes charge... And the Elemental King rises up to his call. Anaxagoras's forces close in on the human fronts. On Earth, every vampire stands at the border of change in preparation for their monarch. As Alex struggles to gain control over the political upheavals his family faces, he must also find a way to win the War of Vengeance by finding the Elemental King. But Anaxagoras senses the Falsifier's actions and seeks to stop him, jeopardizing humanity's one chance to freedom. Book 3 of Red Serpent.
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