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Feisty Joanna Collins has planned her life carefully. Orphaned at the age of six, then losing her grandparents at fifteen she is self-sufficient, brave and extremely intelligent. Then her life spirals out of control when she is abducted into an alien world. Horrified to discover that she is destined to join a breeding programme, intended to save the Sceriae race from extinction, she is determined not only to survive, but to make a difference, for herself and all the girls in the same position. Taken by Acorus, the leader of the Sceriae army, she quickly becomes more than just another breeding female to him. As well as teaching him to love, she proves her bravery and intelligence, over and over again. When an evil race, finally, manage to find their way to Earth, the Sceriae led by Acorus, with Jo at his side, race to the rescue.
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