Secrets of the Glass Mountain (Dark Fantasy Erotic Romance)
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The Horde is in shambles and the Humans try to reform their alliances. Robyn, the sworn protector of Queen Grace, solemly looks out at the battlefield. She has an inner desire to continue journeying and wiping all remnants of the Horde.
Her encounter with a Shifter, Zartanian, has made her even more inquisitive of the world outside of her castle. When Queen Grace tells her to go and seek the Shifters, Robyn is hesitant at first. However, her childhood friend and now ruler of her home orders her to go. Robyn accepts and leaves for the mysterious Glass Mountain where the Shifters reside.
However, along the way, she encounters many dangerous Trolls and Goblins that possess the powerful aphrodisiac known as the Call of the Krakenos. As she journeys South, she fights through the members of the Horde but she cannot seem to find this mysterious mountain. Does Robyn succeed in finding and unlocking the secrets of the Glass Mountain?
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