Sign On Bonus (Interracial Husband Humiliation Erotica)
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Torrie is an ambitious sports agent, working as the breadmaker in her marriage. Her husband, Jake, is a sports writer, who's recently seemed to grow distant from Torrie, due to his jealousy over the fact that she gets to meet the stars he writes about. When two pro-football stars become the world's most wanted free agents, she's given the opportunity to sign them up to her agency.
Before she starts with her negotiations, she calls her husband, only to have a woman answer the phone. As she learns that her husband has been cheating on her, the two free agents show up at the agency, ready to negotiate. Though enraged, she decides that she's going to sign the two free agents to rub it in her husband's face.
During negotiations, the two big black footballs stars learn about her husband's side action. When they hear that her revenge plan is to sign them and slap her husband in the face in front of them, they grin; a more devious plan forming in their minds.
They ask if she can give them a sign on bonus. Surprisingly for Torrie, it's not a monetary bonus they're looking for, it's more physical. As part of it, they want her husband to see the whole thing. Does Torrie agree on the sign on bonus and sign the two big black football stars, or does she lose out on the biggest deal of a lifetime?
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