More than forty years after WWII a political struggle of ideals took place between the Soviet Union and the West. Both sides had sufficiently large stocks of nuclear weapons to annihilate each other. This situation was dubbed ‘The Cold War’. Similar tension exists today between North and South Korea. Our story is about ordinary people in the uncertainties of the mid-nineteen-eighties when we asked ourselves ‘Whose finger is on the button?’ Two people, with hopes for the future and confidence in its fulfilment, through love and hard work achieve their aspirations; via strange and unexpected circumstances. Boats are not only their hobby but become a legitimate means of earning a living. They are also vehicles that lead from skulduggery to covert and illegal operations at the behest of British Intelligence Services. Blackmail, murder, and tragedy oblige them to explore morality, ethics, and above all – their own senses of right and wrong. If you are not a sailor you will still enjoy this human and heart warming tale. The title of the book suggests an answer to the question – Can the end justify the means?
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