Speed-hypnosis for being able to let love and self-love happen
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Speed-hypnoses are short, but extremely efficient hypnosis-downloads; their effect is felt immediately. Speed-hypnoses are proper excellently for a fast use "in-between". You won't need a large amount of time for the application; nevertheless you will feel well immediately and sense the impact of the hypnosis. In the "Speed-hypnosis for being able to let love and self-love happen" you are going to be led softly and powerfully into the wonderful state of hypnosis. In this state of trance your subconscious mind gets instructed to not only feel the omnipotence of love, but also to receive it and live it. You will learn to love yourself and to have this love its impact on the outside world. Learn to accept love, to give love and to love yourself. Feel all your positive feelings spreading within you consciously from now on and becoming a fixed part of yourself. Please never apply this hypnosis during driving a car or other activities that require mental alertness. Furthermore, the use is not appropriate if one is suffering from a severe mental disorder, cardio-vascular diseases, very low blood pressure or a seizure disorder like asthma or epilepsy. In case of doubt, please contact your doctor or therapist.
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