Spiralizer: 365 Days Of Spiralizer Recipes: A Complete Spiralizer Cookbook With 365 Flavorful Spiralizer Recipes
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Top 365 Spiralizer Recipes for you to enjoy! 

Time to start using your spiralizer? Here's a fascinating assortment of spiralizer recipes for you and the family! 

It is time to put a twist into spiralized eating. It is a healthier way of adding spice to your meals and having fun with what you are doing. 

Jenny Martins provides an excellent collection of spiralizer recipes. Whether you own a Paderno, iPerfect, Veggetti, Premium V Slicer, Kitchen Active, or any other spiralizer, you will want this collection by your side. 

Stop spending time dicing, chopping, and slicing veggies. This is a spiralizer recipe book you will be able to put to the test in seconds and create lovely meals. 

Here Are Some Of The Recipes You'll See Inside: 

* Parsnip and Blue Cheese Salad
*  Brussels sprouts and Sweet Potato Noodle Bowl
* Garlic-Paprika Zucchini Chopsuey
* Bean and Zucchini ‘Macaroni’ 
* Eggplant and Zucchini Salad
* Pumpkin Sage Alfredo Carrot Pasta with Crispy Pancetta
* Turnip and Parsnip Pasta
* Garlic Mushrooms and Leek Turnip Noodles

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