St Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of the Old. Unfortunately, he seems to be missing from the UK nowadays! I feel that if Charles Dickens was still alive, he would be just as upset and angry about the plight of our Senior Citizens as he was about Victorian children. The secret cruelty that they suffer in many Homes is horrendous. Drugs are often given out like sweets, to people who don't need them, just to keep them calm and docile. Unfortunately, some of them are so drugged that they can't control themselves and they're classed as senile and incontinent when they shouldn't be. This novelette contains secret information that I've been given. It's a work of fiction, written to make you think, as well as to entertain you. I hope that it makes you sit up and take notice! Our Old People should be given more dignity in their Twilight Years. After all, it will be our turn one day!
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