Storm is Coming
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The brutal killing of a British Bobby on the streets of London on New Year’s Day by a Jamaican Yardie is further complicated when it becomes known who his older brother is. The culprit goes to ground as the Police scour the streets of Brixton for him; he finally escapes the country to head back to Jamaica, before the British Police obtain an extradition order. The brother of the murdered police officer Chief Superintendent Attlee takes it on himself to go and catch the killer of his brother and whilst on the island is captured by a serious Jamaican posse leader and friend of his brothers killer. Whilst the Jamaican authorities try their best to find the British senior Police officer. The OSC return from a mission on the African continent to the news that the Police killer and Chief Superintendent Attlee are now in Cuba. With the British Police unable to now, intervene into a non-extradition country. Max had previously made a promise to chief superintendent Attlee after he saved his life and wants to go into Cuba. The Prime Minister eventually lets the OSC loose. The OSC are Britain’s first and last line of offence.
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