The Alphabetical General Knowledge Quiz Book 3
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Do you pride yourself on your general knowledge? Are you the kind of person who enjoys learning new facts and trivia? Or, maybe you are a quizmaster in search of material? Whatever your reason for buying The Alphabetical Quiz Book 3 you certainly won’t be disappointed. Following on from the previous two Alphabetical Quiz books, this new selection of questions is certain to get you thinking. Containing 1,000 brain teasing, general knowledge questions, with the answers appearing alphabetically from A-Z, so that you will always know if you are on the right track. Full of fascinating facts and designed to cater for a broad range of abilities, this book is an excellent learning tool for the whole family. Challenge your children to find out who can answer the most questions correctly. Whether you choose a letter at random or work your way through the questions sequentially, this new alphabetical quiz book is certain to provide hours of enjoyment.
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