The Book on Real Estate Investing
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As a real estate investor, finding leads is the lifeline of your business. The tough question for most investor is how to find these leads. Have you ever wondered how the online marketers do what they do? How do those YouTube people make those videos that make them look like superstars? Sure, just about everybody has basic Facebook and Twitter skills these days, but what about the many other things that business owners now do online to attract customers? If you get the impression that you ought to update your online marketing skills, you are correct! The internet became widespread less than 20 years ago. Then social media came along, replacing how marketing had been done for years. Businesses who embraced it all and harnessed the power of the internet did better than the businesses who refused to modernize. The techniques discussed in this book will educate readers on various methods to generate and capture leads. Twenty-one methods for lead generation for the real estate professional are discussed, including websites and what to include on them, social media, online advertising, and YouTube, to name a few. You will find many little methods to generate leads that you likely never even thought of. Most of them are online methods, but a few of them are offline methods that still work well today. You will find out features that the different social media platforms have that you likely don’t know exist. These features would be of high value to your real estate business. You can even find out different ways to get other people to help promote your business. Special niches are important to any marketer. Targeting just the people who are the most likely to purchase property from you makes efficient use of your marketing dollars, and you will find ways in this little book to spend your marketing dollars just reaching your target market. Emphasis is placed on capturing contact information from visitors and on sending online ads to visitors who do not give you their contact information. Implement one thing at a time, master it and then implement the next thing. While you should see immediate improvement in your business, implementing all there is available to you will turn your business into the money-making machine you always dreamed it could be. Dream big because you are about to realize your dreams!
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