The Death of Mr. Grumble is a poignant, funny and deeply moving new novel by Andrew-Henry Bowie. Mr. Grumble is one very messed-up TV clown. The most popular act on children’s satellite channel Cbabes, he should be basking in the popularity of his on-screen alter-ego, Mr. Stumble, loved by kids and parents alike. Yet away from camera, Mr Grumble is a tortured man, searching for answers to his haunted past. To make matters worse, Mr. Grumble’s popularity is threatened by two adversaries; rising star Trevor Marlow, who is out to steal his celebrity crown and by the mysterious and charismatic circus owner, Dr Uri Shevanko. Mr. Grumble is a sad and lonely man and worse is yet to come as he heads for a fall so great he will become a national hate figure! Will he be able to overcome these setbacks and find happiness and inner peace? The Death of Mr. Grumble is a shocking story where the star of the show is also the underdog. This is a must-read book for anyone who enjoys black humour.
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