‘Heijn’s curiosity seduces you into thinking for yourself, to make your own rules and take charge.’

Rules and procedures are needed for organisations to function. Written or unwritten, conscious or unconscious, they will never capture every eventuality. So here’s the paradox: we need rules but the ones who break the rules at the right time make all the difference. So what does this mean for organisational leadership? And what does it mean for personal leadership?

The Fearless Monkey is Heijn’s descent into a new perspective on rules and leadership. He dares champion paradox and invites us to embrace it as a tool to think for yourself and act on it.

Dennis Heijn is a family man with a corporate career who went his own way. Born into the family of the leading Dutch supermarket chain, Albert Heijn, he draws from his experience in corporate life, his successes and failures as an entrepreneur and his private life as a son, husband and father learning to convert ideas into action.

‘Straight, fresh, clear and instructive…Playful wisdom’
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